What we do


Our Clients


Pahnke rhymes with “danke”.

We’re an owner-led startup agency in Chicago with German roots.
We also like to listen and to say thank you.


    Independent. Open. Owner-led.
    International brand specialists.


    An independent idea agency.
    US-based, owner-led agency creating more than just ads.


    The agency for brands.
    Germany’s largest owner-led agency specialized in CPG brands.


    Start-up consultancy and innovation lab.
    Full-service start-up support and innovation lab. From founders for founders.


    International media agency.
    Independent full-service media agency.


    Digital first agency.
    Strategy and implementation in the digital world.

Our People


Rick Thornill

Managing Partner | President
Rick believes advertising is the ultimate team sport, with collaboration and trust at the heart of every successful partnership. In other news, with 3 young kids Rick hasn’t slept in 9 years.

Susan Betteridge

Partner | Executive Creative Director
Susan has spent 20+ years building some of the biggest brands out there. She also is a kickass skier and Mom to two girls.

Rachael Datz

Group Director of Digital Strategy
Rachael engineers digital engagement strategies like a boss. She also started her career in non-profits, which is probably why we like her so much.
Maggie Lannnon

Maggie Lannon

Brand Director
Maggie has been partnering with brands for 10+ years to bring integrated campaigns to life. She’s also our resident book nerd and always has a recommendation for what to pick up next.

Brian Cason

Digital Strategist
One part strategy, one part creative, Brian can pretty much do it all. He’s also a wicked good photographer and loves yoga.

Liz Rosenthal

Brand Manager
Organization and integration are what keep Liz driving projects across the finish line. She’s also on a quest to make the perfect pizza crust.

Kate Galloucis

Senior Copywriter
Kate not only delivers the words, she brings the big ideas. She’s also our resident music junkie and fashionista.
Paul Montagne

Paul Montagne

Senior Art Direcrtor
Paul brings his creative eye to the big ideas. He also has only been seen without a hat twice.
Emma Jonas

Emma Jonas

Digital Platform Coordinator
As a social media enthusiast, Emma is dedicated to staying in the know. She also always has a good book at hand.
Fayethe Vongsouvanh

Fayethe Vongsouvanh

Junior Art Director
Fayethe’s fine arts background means that she’s equipped with all the creative tools to bring an idea to life. She is also a mom to 34 happy houseplants and counting.